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Blessed be the LORD, my rock,

who trains my hands for war,

and my fingers for battle

– Psalm 144:1

Personal Protection Program

This is our complete personal protection training program. It consists of distinct phases of hand-to-hand, clinch, and ground fighting tactics. Each phase is broken up into two separate yet overlapping curriculums: Cognitive and Tactical.

The cognitive curriculum contains essential knowledge such as: Awareness Dynamics, The 5 Laws of Survival, The Psychological Aspects, Attributes of Survival, and so on.

The tactical curriculum is the actual physical tools and strategies of each phase.. This program teaches all of the psychological and physiological dynamics that are vital for personal protection. Training for reality requires survival skills based on situations that a person will likely encounter in their day to day lives.

The Situational Assault training program is a very important part of the Combative Sciences Personal Protection program. You can read more about personal protection here.

Situational Assault Program

Situational Assault is a form of training that introduces various dynamic self-defense variables that are likely to happen during a hostile engagement. Situational Assault training takes your self-defense capabilities to another level. Tactics and targets are the focus as opposed to specific techniques or movements. This type of training allows you to safely test your skills regardless of style. A real assault is dynamic, fast, and can happen anywhere at any time. Usually when someone is attacked they are psychologically and emotionally caught off guard.

Those of the criminal persuasion utilize various tactics to successfully complete their attack. Most martial arts systems teach how to deal with direct line of attacks.

Situational Assault drills teach you how do deal with attacks from spontaneous angles no matter what position you are in at the time. You do not choose what time, place, or what position you will be attacked in. In order to deal with the spontaneous moments in combat it is vital to train your skills as realistically as possible.

Special Weapons Program

This is our weapon combatives training program. This is an in depth program for the combative utilization of the knife, stick, flexible, or improvised weapon. There are multiple phases of the special weapons program. At one time this program was included in the Combative Sciences personal protection program. It was later separated due to the amount of information that is taught within both programs. The special weapons program covers every applicable aspect of weapons training in great detail.

Offensive Combatives Program

This program is designed to teach personal protection in a limited amount of time. This is perfect for Military personnel, police officers, or for those who do not have the time to commit to an extensive combatives class. This program is also used for our Extreme Combat Survival two day seminars that are taught to Military. Offensive combatives consists of essential survival skills that can be learned and retained very easily.

Stylistic Enhancement Program

If you are already training in a martial art and you simply want to see and find out what REALLY works within your system then this program is for you. We use specific scenarios and realistic drills that help you to find what works for you in a spontaneous live environment. It doesn't matter what system you have trained in, this training program will show you what techniques within your style/system will work in a hostile engagement. So if you have ever wondered if a certain block, punch, kick, or throw will REALLY work in a survival situation then the Stylistic Enhancement Program can help you answer that and many more questions.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Program

This training program entails stand up, clinch, and submission skills. It is designed for a sport atmosphere. Everything is done with resistance so you can apply the skills in real time with real skill. So if you wish to challenge yourself or compete in MMA events then this program is for you. You can read more about the MMA program here.

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