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James Bullock has a lot on his mind; The War Room is where you'll read about some of the stuff the founder of Warrior Sciences thinks about. From awareness and personal protection to strength training and general training knowledge, you get the privilege to sift through a plethora of Warrior Sciences knowledge.

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Don't Be a Form Nazi

One thing that many trainers and coaches advocate is performing with perfect form all the time. I was one of those many coaches a long time ago. However, I have since changed my perspective so I am not such a “form Nazi.”

Love the Grind...Sometimes

I am a huge advocate of focusing on performance while training. I tell my athletes and clients to stop just before they completely fail when they lift. 

Daily Percentages, Not Static Percentages

A person can search the internet for a training program and come up with countless programs to choose from. Most of them will be based on percentages of your single or one repetition maximum (1RM).

Don't Forget About Fun!

If you like to do movements that don't necessarily have anything to do with your sport or training goals, then do them. There should be some fun in your training.

Do More Than Deadlift

There are many die hard dead lifters out there, and this blog post may not sit well with some of them. Turns out, I am more than okay with that.

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