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Please contact James Bullock for details on our current training schedule.

(417) 208-6785

If you want to:

  • Be an MMA fighter
  • Get in the BEST shape of your life
  • Train for the love of training
  • Be part of a team atmosphere
  • Challenge yourself

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to train at The Forge, we can accommodate your needs. Everyone has a right to train! PERIOD! You do not have to be an aspiring MMA fighter to train in mixed martial arts.

Feel free to sit in on some classes or call to set up an introductory class today at (417) 208-6785.

We also have individual training programs for the following traditional arts:

  • Muay Thai Kick Boxing
  • Jeet Kune Do
  • GoJu Ryu 
  • Grappling (BJJ & Catch Wrestling) well as various Combatives programs:

  • Edged Weapon Combatives
  • Stick Combatives (Escrima)
  • Combative Grappling
  • Situational Assault Training
  • Women's Self Defense & Empowerment

Combative Sciences Mixed Martial Arts

CS Mixed Martial Arts Coach, James Bullock

Photo by Larry Ventress

CS MMA Warriors

We utilize specific principles, tactics, and techniques from a variety of martial disciplines; however, everything that is taught has gone through a combative filter. Every technique must adhere to six guidelines:

  1. Simple
  2. Direct
  3. Effective
  4. Adaptable
  5. Purposeful
  6. Realistic

The reason that these guidelines are used is to keep the MMA program's goal in perspective, which is to make you the best and most complete martial artist you can be in every way possible. 

Everyone is different and is taught as a unique individual. Most will learn the same tactics and strategies; however, the manner in which they are performed or applied to different situations will be expressed differently by each individual. Scientific principles are deeply studied in our MMA system.

Once you understand the principles and dynamics of posture, movement, speed, power, and so on, then the techniques to implement them will be universal in application. Our approach to stand-up, clinch, and ground tactics is unique in that we develop core body mechanics and specific attributes that facilitate optimum efficiency and maximum safety.

There are two specific technique classifications: sport specific and self defense specific.

Sport specific pertains to any and all techniques that apply to MMA competitions and events. Within these events there are rules and regulations to follow. If you decide to try our MMA program you cannot fight until you've earned a spot on the Alpha One Fight Team.

Self defense specific pertains to any and all techniques that are used to keeping you alive if assaulted on the street, in your home, workplace, etc. There are no rules when it comes to protection yourself, or your loved ones. It truly is no holds barred when your life is on the line. You can read more about our self defense program here.

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