Controlled Labs' OxiMega Greens
One Scoop Super Food
by Jesse Seal

OxiMega Greens Supplement Review

If there is only ONE supplement you take...OxiMega Greens should be it!

Let's be honest; do you eat enough of your fruits and vegetables?

If you're busy like me, then probably not. But that doesn't mean you should go on an all-broccoli diet! One of the easiest ways of offsetting this issue is by taking Controlled Labs' OxiMega Greens. This supplement contains the micronutrients from fruits, vegetables, and other sources. 

Most green products and superfoods taste like grass, so unless you’re a goat you probably won't enjoy their taste. One benefit of Controlled Labs' OxiMega Greens is its natural spearmint taste, which is great compared to the taste of other greens products. Add that to the fact that one scoop is supposed to give you five vegetable servings and two fruit servings and you have a supplement that pretty much pays for itself.

*Note that this supplement isn't meant to replace your fruit and vegetable intake, and it's still vitally important to eat your real fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

The Greens

There are plenty of greens in OxiMega Greens, but we'll just go over the most prevalent; Lecithin (900mg), Oat Beta Glucan (750mg), Barley Grass Juice Powder (750mg), Chlorella (250mg), and Spirulina (250mg). Lets look at these in simple terms of what they’ll do for you as an athlete.

  • Lecithin contains fats that are essential to our body's cells; it benefits us by increasing mental functioning.
  • Oat Beta Glucan reduces cholesterol and controls blood sugar.
  • Barley Grass Juice Powder has tons of benefits; it balances the pH levels in our body, detoxifies, increases energy levels, and is high in antioxidant enzymes. On top of improving digestion, Barley Grass Juice Powder contains lots of B and C vitamins and electrolytes.

Finally, the stars of the show are Chlorella and Spirulina.

  • Chlorella is another detoxifier, specifically of heavy metals. It also reduces high blood pressure and lowers cholesterol.
  • Spirulina, deemed a superfood and often sold by itself, is a blue-green algae. Like Chlorella, it also detoxifies the body of heavy metals. Interestingly, Spirulina also increases athletic performance. According to Spirulina decreases carbohydrate oxidation by 10% and increases fat metabolism by almost 11%. It is also rich in vitamins B and E, essential fatty acids, beta-carotene, and other nutrients.

Healthy Heart

OxiMega Greens contains a complex of ingredients that promotes cardiovascular health. The main ingredients include red beet root powder, spinach, broccoli, carrot, and cauliflower. Besides the obvious health benefits of eating your vegetables, we'll mainly focus on three; spinach, broccoli, and red beet powder.

Spinach and broccoli both contain co-enzyme Q10, which aids in muscular strength, specifically your heart. Other benefits include the lowering and prevention of high blood pressure due its high amounts of potassium. Another benefit of broccoli is found in studies that suggest that people who eat broccoli and experience oxygen deprivation don't experience as much heart damage (so there's that if you ever find yourself deprived of oxygen).

It's obvious that eating your vegetables is important for heart and overall health, and OxiMega Greens provides plenty of ingredients to suffice. Now let's look at one more key factor that makes this supplement a winner…probiotics.


Probiotics are the good-guy-bacteria found in your digestive tract; they are the millions of different bacteria that aid in digestion and fight off certain illnesses. Two of the most common and popular probiotics are found in OxiMega Greens:

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Bifidobacterium Longum

Lactobacillus has many benefits, but most notably is its ability to fight infection and improve immunity. To be more specific, it fights E. coli and Salmonella among other "bad bacterias". It also aids in the digestion of food, specifically dairy products, and increases the production of vitamins and bone formation/repair.

Bifidobacterium also fights the development of bad bacteria and certain allergies. To the athlete or every day health conscious person, it also prevents high cholesterol. It's important to supplement your diet with this probiotic when taking antibiotics, because certain antibiotics will deplete levels of Bifidobacterium in the digestive tract.

Overall Impressions

I am very impressed by this supplement, but let me first admit that it has been my first and only greens supplement. I've mainly stayed away from them due to the reported grassy taste; Given my likeness to good flavoring, and I knew that purchasing such a supplement would be a waste of money.

Fortunately for me I stumbled upon this product when I was researching for a good multivitamin (when I stumbled upon Orange Triad). Both are made by the same company, and can actually be bought together in a bundle (see below).

OxiMega Greens with Water

The spearmint taste makes this product more than bearable, and I've been able to make this a staple in my diet. It is usually the first thing I take in the morning, and it mixes well with ice-water. Although it mixes into a dark, funky color (mostly due to the red beet powder), the taste is reminiscent of a spearmint tea.

I feel like my days start better after taking OxiMega Greens, especially if I wake up feeling like the walking dead. Energy levels definitely go up after taking one scoop in 16oz. of cold water. I usually prepare it the night before, because initially a layer of froth can sit at the top after mixing.

The value here is fantastic, too. For all of the health benefits described above, Controlled Labs sends you 60 days worth of OxiMega Greens for around $25. This is honestly a no-brainer. Even if they wanted to double up the price it would still be very competitive.

Overall Score: 10/10

Value: $0.42/serving


  • Tons of health benefits
  • 5 servings of vegetables
  • 2 servings of fruit
  • High amounts of antioxidants
  • Ingredients to improve cardio health
  • Probiotics for improved digestion and immunity
  • Tastes better than other greens supplements
  • Excellent value at 60 days supply for $25


  • Mixes a funny color
OxiMega Greens Ingredients

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About the Author

Jesse Seal is the assistance Combatives Instructor, and has been training in Combative Sciences since 2008. He has also been training and learning through Bullock's Irondom Performance Systems since 2010.

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