MMA and Being a Warrior
by James Bullock

Warrior Athletes

I truly believe that I have the greatest job in the world. PERIOD. I have the distinct honor and privilege to teach and train a group of individuals who absolutely want to better themselves in every capacity and help others as well. I have done my very best to present a warrior family atmosphere in every way.

I get very disappointed when I am looking at various MMA / Martial Arts forums and I see so many people with very warped views of MMA, Martial Arts, honor, self-respect and all the positive attributes that encompass being a warrior and a good human being, in general.

In many respects, our society as a whole is responsible for enabling such views. The "get anything you want now, make your way, fast and in a hurry" mentality is very much a psychological disease and turns into a daily mindset for many people, which has now infected the Martial Arts world as well.

I truly love the Martial Arts and the sport of MMA with all my heart! It saddens me to see certain individuals representing the Martial Arts or MMA in such a poor light, the way these do. I have been very fortunate to have been taught Martial Arts by a few truly great human beings. On the other hand, there have been many occasions to observe unenlightened individuals as well, where I learned how not to treat others.

There are a great deal of people who view MMA fighters and practitioners as brawlers and bullies who just want to kick people’s heads in. Who can honestly blame them when you see these exact types of MMA fighters in the mainstream promotions on television? Talk about bad representatives of the sport and Martial Arts in general!

Since I began full time teaching and coaching five years ago, I have met literally hundreds of people who "want to be cage fighters," most of which had horrible attitudes and wanted to train for all the wrong reasons.

The students who currently train with me are the rare exceptions and great human beings.

I have met warriors who have never stepped into the cage and I have meet world champion fighters who are NOT warriors. The fact of the matter is, anyone can step into a cage and fight, but very few people have what it takes to be a warrior.

Strength & Honor

James Bullock

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About the Author

James Bullock is the head coach for Irondom Performance Systems and Combative Sciences. He's written programs for athletes and non-athletes alike, including numerous world record holders in various sports. Combative Sciences was found in 1999 and is the culmination of decades of martial arts training. 

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