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Irondom Strength & Conditioning

Irondom Strength & Conditioning

Irondom Performance Systems primarily focuses on functional strength adaptations for athletic performance as opposed to training for aesthetic purposes. Strength should be the foundation of any athlete. With proper training, it will make you faster, more powerful, and better conditioned.

In the articles below we discuss various methods of strength training and conditioning, how it applies generally, and how it applies specifically to various sports. Keep in mind you do not have to be an athlete of a specific sport in order to be an athlete! 

If you have a specific goal you're trying to achieve, then a personal training program from James Bullock may be a solution for you.

Training Protocols & Programming

Daily Percentages, Not Static Percentages

Strength and performance fluctuate constantly. With that being the case, here is a better way to use percentages in your training.

Grip Strength: Unlocking Hidden Potential

Training for a strong grip means more than developing your forearms. Thick bar training could unlock hidden potential for increased strength and the ability to break plateaus.

Heavy Sled Training for Powerful Hips

There's more to using a Prowler-type sled besides conditioning! They can also be used to build powerful legs and hips if done heavy.

Battle Ropes

Battle Ropes - A Powerful Tool for Total Body Strength Endurance (Video)

In this introduction to why battling ropes are great for many athletes, we also explore a common mistake people make when using them.

Explosive Core Training

Explosive Core Training - Unconventional Methods (Video)

Explosive core training is very different from planks and situps. Nothing increases overall athletic performance like an explosive core will. Here are some tips on how to get one.

Lifting Chains

Lifting Chains - Changing the Strength Curve

My athletes and I have had tremendous gains adding lifting chains into our strength cycles. Utilizing chains is very demanding on the central nervous system (CNS).

Speed and Agility Training

Speed and Agility Training - 4 Simple Movements for 3D Agility

Speed and agility is essential for any training program. These four simple movements can be done quickly at the start or end of a training session.

General Physical Preparation

General Physical Preparation

What is the difference between GPP and sport-specific training? How can an athlete use GPP to improve their performance? These are just a few questions we explore in this article.

Plyometric Training

Plyometric Training - Harnessing Explosiveness and Maximal Effort

What is plyometric training and can it be used by anyone? In this article we explain how plyometrics improve athletic performance.

The Use of Gym Machines

The Use of Gym Machines

I am not a fan of gym machines, but I recognize that they do have their place in the realm of training and even performance.

Training Philosophy

Lifting Technique: Don't Be a Form Nazi!

One thing that many trainers and coaches advocate is performing with perfect lifting technique and form all the time. Over time I have changed my perspective so I am not such a “form Nazi.”

Lifting Heavy All Season!

Lifting Heavy All Season!

The age-old myth that lifting “heavy” makes you slow makes as much sense to me as those who obsess over which lifts are “transferable” to a specific sport. 


Deloading - Give Your Body a Break 

Deloading is a training technique which many strength coaches and athletes have been embracing more closely in the last few years.

Training Variety

Training Variety - Not Always the Answer

Many articles suggest people should add training variety to their program...which shows me that the author is lacking in training knowledge and common sense.

Athletic Strength

Athletic Strength - Seek Strength and Receive More!

Here is the bottom line…far too many people are doing body building programs and are as weak a new born baby fawn. If you seek strength, your other goals (be it size or athletic performance) will fall into place.

Performance Preparation

Performance Preparation - Ditch Warm-up Sets and Increase Results!

The current concept of “warm up” sets is completely wrong. Most people in any gym start with a lighter load and slowly lift the weight to “warm up”...

CNS Fatigue

Central Nervous System Fatigue - A Perpetual State of Fried Wonder

The central nervous system (CNS) is responsible for controlling the functions of the body including muscle contractions...

Training Efficiency

Training Efficiency - More is Not Always Better

One of the best things I ever did in my own training was to start training efficiently by limiting my exercise selections per training session. Sometimes less is more!

Training Smart

Training Smart - A Wealth of Wisdom

The smarter you train, the MORE you can train. The more you can train, the faster you progress. The key is not exceeding your ability to recover. This article is a MUST READ if you strive for better athletic performance in any way.

Good Genetics

Good Genetics -They're Just a Suggestion

Many people seem to be concerned with good genetics versus bad genetics. You have what you have. What are you going to do with it?

One Rep Max vs. Projected Max

One Rep Max vs. Projected Max

There is no reason to regularly test your one rep max. Focus on the performance and speed of every rep and you WILL GET STRONGER.

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