AlphaOne Fight Team
Warriors of Combative Sciences

AlphaOne Fight Team, Joplin, Missouri

If you want to fight, then you must earn your way onto the AlphaOne fight team. Everyone starts as an amateur, but that does not mean you are not expected to train as a professional.

Team training sessions are taken very seriously and encompass all aspects of training. The most difficult part of a fight team is not being the fighter but being an effective training partner.

The length of time that is required before one makes it on to the team is a very individual process.

It is not enough that you become well versed in the various skill sets of MMA,you must also be of honorable character and a good human being. Anyone can step into a cage and fight; not everyone can train like a warrior or live like one. Our team is a family. We bleed and sweat with each other every day. If this is the kind of team you are looking for, then AlphaOne awaits you.


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