James Bullock, head coach and founder

James Bullock is a coach, personal trainer, and more. He's written programs for some of the top MMA fighters in the Joplin, Missouri area as well as world record holding Highland Game athletes from all over the country. 

James' training programs are not limited to world record athletes. His clients range from people looking to begin their journey to a healthier lifestyle to seasoned athletes looking to gain an edge on their competition. Below are some of the testimonials by those who have been using some of Coach Bullock's personalized programs.

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Terri Ventress, World Record Holder & Highland Games Two Time World Champion 2012 & 2013

Photo by Larry Ventress

I owe my recent and continued success to James Bullock. After two and a half years of training with James, I have three-peated as World Champion and have simultaneously held all eight of the World Records. I am also hitting LIFETIME personal bests in the gym each ‘off season’. Simply stated, I would not have won the Masters’ World Championship the last three years without the knowledge and help of James Bullock. By working with James and following his customized training program, I have achieved my goal of obtaining the third consecutive Masters' World Championship. I couldn't be more pleased.

For the record, I am not a newcomer to athletics. I have competed in numerous sports and weight trained for over 35 years; powerlifting for over 20 – something you don’t often see women doing. I have had some injuries and obstacles to overcome, one of the largest being the fact that I am a professional who is tied to a desk, sometimes for 10-12 hours a day. James not only guides and teaches; he LISTENS. He recognizes that we each have a wealth of experience; he respects your knowledge while continually expanding his own. The beauty of this relationship is that we both continue to learn; it's great!

Photo by Larry Ventress

During this past year, James has also helped me to overcome some nagging back and hamstring injuries while building my strength and power back to levels of many years ago. There have been several examples of highland games that I would have missed due to injuries, where James proscribed actions to guide and help me work through them, often in a couple of days. His knowledge is extensive and he makes himself totally available to assist you.

James Bullock will customize a program for you to reach your goals; regardless of what you aspire to be or do. With his wide range of experience and vast training knowledge, nothing is out of the question. James can make you faster, stronger, more explosive and  muscular, or leaner – your choice!

What is it that you want to do with your life? Do not wait. I encourage you to contact James Bullock today and GET STARTED!

Nick Kahanic, World Record Holder, North American Amateur Champion, 13 time All-American, and 4 time National Champion Track and Field Athlete

Nick Kahanic

I heard about James by word of mouth from a friend who seemed to know what he was doing in the gym. No matter what I was doing, my friend always had bigger numbers. I wasn’t satisfied with the excuse, “He’s just better than me.”

I contacted James, and talked with him a few times, back and forth, as he took down all sorts of stats: Height, Weight and various strengths and weaknesses in the gym. He needed to know what kinds of areas and machines I had to work with, so he could personally tailor my work outs.

Everything James does has a purpose. I have been working out with a purpose for 35 weeks. I no longer get lost in the gym, or get off track, 'cause I know why I’m there, and what I’m doing. Before I met James, I was one of the strongest, if not THE strongest guy in the gym. Since then my bench press has gone from 325 lbs for 1, to 415 lbs. for a set of 3. Up 90lbs, and repping it 3 times. Unbe-freaking-lievable!  My squat technique, which James and his training group has helped me with, is great, and I’m up a little over 100 on my 5 rep max to 565.

Nick Kahanic

Although in my sport, you could say, "what do numbers in the gym matter, if they don’t translate to big throws?" So far this season, I have had career bests in every single event, including the best throw by an amateur in the Braemar stone, open stone and heavy weight for distance. I am currently ranked #2 among all amateurs in North America, and my open stone throw of 60’0 is the only throw of 60 feet by anyone this year, pro or Am.

No doubt in my mind, I’ve seen the light. I’m “drinking the Kool-Aid,” and it’s only up from here. James has taken me to the next level of my athletic career. I’ve previously been on workout schedules and plans. I've received many honors. I’m a 13 time All-American, and 4 time National Champion, and James Bullock’s lifting and nutritional advice is the best program I have ever been apart of.

If you are serious about taking yourself to the next level, whether it’s weight loss, strength gain, or both for your athletic career; Contact James. You will thank him, and more importantly, you will thank yourself. Good luck. Work hard. Success is right in front of you…Grab it.

Jesse Seal, Combative Sciences Student since 2008

Photo by Larry Ventress

So you’ve made the decision to start training, be it for a sport, the military, or general athleticism. If you’re smart, you’ve done your research.

There are tons of places where you can train, but are they anything special? If you’ve ever had the chance to meet and talk to James Bullock, founder of Combative Sciences, Alpha One Fight Team, and Warrior Sciences, then you would know that your search for the best trainer was over.

In case you haven’t had that privilege, here are a few things you should know about our coach:

Coach James Bullock was the first to do the following in the Joplin area:

  • Introduce chains, bands, and other powerlifting methods to the local gyms.
  • Introduce sleds, tires, sledgehammers, steel logs, and other strongman methods to the local gyms.
  • To have a full time MMA/Combatives gym that has been in business for more than five years.
  • To offer all inclusive conditioning classes that challenge and improve even the most elite athletes.
  • To offer personal training that is completely tailored to a person’s goals. No one is trained the exact same way, like at the local big box gyms.
  • To offer MMA, Combatives, Martial Arts, and Personal Protection courses that are world class in every capacity.
  • To have two specialty facilities/gyms that have everything a person needs to accomplish any fitness or strength goal.

Coach Bullock has also been more successful than any other MMA coach or personal trainer in the area. Many have come and gone while he has stayed the course.

Photo by Larry Ventress

The number one reason for his success is how much he cares about those he trains. He takes full responsibility for all he does for his fighters, students, and clients. He studies and trains tirelessly, day in and day out, so that he can constantly evolve as a person and a coach. His one true aim is to make better people while at the same time helping them to achieve their dreams and goals.

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who knows more about human anatomy and physiology and how it all pertains to athletic performance and combatives, be it a combat sport or you fighting for your life on the streets or overseas.

If you want to be the best, you have to train with the best. There are many aspects of training. Do you think you have them all covered? Training with Coach Bullock will ensure that you do!

Duncan McCallum, North American Pre-Elite Champion in the Highland Games

“For when the disciple is ready, the Master is ready also.”

I think the above quote best describes my relationship with James Bullock.  When I first approached James about coaching me, I had a pretty solid idea of what I was doing, or what I thought I was doing.  I was enjoying a fair amount of success in my chosen sport, but recognized the need to turn a corner if I ever hoped to rise any higher.  

With that in mind, I more or less approached James with the mindset I would pick up a few tricks, have some back-and-forth about training ideologies, and at the very least, have a few more training tools to put in my toolbox.

I was listening, but I was not hearing.

James’ passion for excellence really made an impression, and the more I learned, the more sold on his protocols I became.  I trained harder and harder, with a focus on becoming not just a better thrower, but a dominant athlete. 

Over a few months, I started noticing the athleticism I had been seeking for so long, and most importantly, my distances on the field kept going up.  Things were really looking up, and then I injured my left knee.  

Several surgeries later, I was back to square one. Things got hard, fast.  Throwing was out, and many of my hard-won gains slowly evaporated as I sat around waiting to be cleared to train again.  

When that day came, I was on the phone with James.  New protocols showed up overnight, and I was back in the saddle.  The months passed, I grew stronger and faster than I had been prior to the injury, and I racked up some solid performances en route to the successful defense of my title as North American Pre-Elite Champion.  I thought I was well on my way to a Pro bid and taking that next step in my Highland Games career; an injury to my other knee and the reconstruction that followed almost took all of that away.

I couldn’t walk, couldn’t really lift (trust me, I tried) and despite the best efforts of my surgeons and therapists, the possibility of returning to the Highland Games seemed more remote every day.  Again, I went to James as an empty cup.  

The past few months have been the most physically demanding of my Highland Games career, and I’ve logged so many Prowler walks and overhead presses I’ve started to lose count.  Maxes are back up, and in some cases, exceeding pre-injury levels.  Body-fat percentage is way down, aerobic/anaerobic endurance is way up.  And even still, throwing seemed just out of reach.  

But then a funny thing happened:  I took a light weight for distance out to the field...you know…just to see what might be in the tank…know what I found out?

I’ve still got it.  

Thank you, Doctore.

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