Self Defense
Physical & Psychological Personal Protection Skills

Learning personal protection skills, self defense being the most popular, is not something that necessarily requires athleticism. The only thing required of you is a proactive mindset to learn the skills that will protect you against those who would otherwise impose their will on you. The skills and techniques you need to protect yourself are both physical and psychological. You need to learn how to manipulate a situation to your favor to either deescalate and escape, or fight and survive.

Knowing self defense is crucial for your survival. Whether you're called upon to protect yourself or those around you, these articles will introduce you to some life saving tips and techniques you'll need to know in order to survive an assault or other deadly force encounter, as well as how to avoid one.

As usual we recommend you seek out competent instruction on a personal level. While these articles will help you become more aware, we do not believe anyone can accurately learn personal protection skills or self defense over the internet.

Remember, survival is your duty!

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Self Defense Striking 101: Straight-Line Attacks (Video)

Self defense striking is the core of physical personal protection, and there is nothing more beautifully simple as the straight-line attack.

Stand Your Ground: Knowing When to Fight (Video)

Do you know when it's time to stand your ground and fight?   Where is that threshold; the line that someone has to cross before you spring into action? Knowing this could save your life!

Fight or Flight: The Truth & Knowing Your Survival Response (Video)

The problem with "fight or flight" in regards to self defense is that there are actually two more possible reactions you might experience.

Asymmetrical Warfare: The Reality of Personal Protection

Asymmetrical warfare or combat generally seek a psychological impact that severely affects an opponent’s will, movements, and initiative. 

Ranges of Combat

The Ranges of Combat

Range plays a pivotal role in the outcome of a violent engagement. By becoming proficient in all ranges of combat you will be better prepared to survive various types of attacks and situations from any distance.

The Escalation Cycle

The Escalation Cycle: Ego Defense vs. Self Defense

Many confrontations that escalate to being physically violent could have been easily avoided. When things begin to get heated there is an escalation cycle.

Personal Information

Personal Information: Don't Advertise It!

Something that I really do not like seeing is people that have personal information displayed all over their vehicles, especially something with the names of their children.

Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Carrying a Concealed Weapon: A Wake Up Call

Carrying a concealed weapon has become all the rage as of late. Personally, I am all for it, but I am not confident in the quality of instruction to the general population.

Mental Scripting NAV

Mental Scripting: Preparing for the Worst

Mental scripting is the process of creating potentially dangerous, traumatic, and difficult mental scenarios and working through them so that you can more efficiently and appropriately respond if such a situation arises.

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