Personal Information
Don't Advertise It!
by James Bullock

Originally Posted in The War Room.

What if I told you that you could potentially be putting your family in harm’s way? Better still…what if I told you that you may be throwing your kids to the wolves; the very predators we see every day on TV that are being brought up on kidnapping and murder charges?

Something that I really do not like seeing is people that have personal information displayed all over their vehicles, especially something with the names of their children. It is great to support our kids in their endeavors, but in this day and age it is not a good idea to advertise such things.

It is one thing to be advertising your business and quite another to share information about your family. Even the stick figure families that so many people have is a horrible idea.

A potential criminal will know exactly how many people are in your family as well as their gender. Just from glancing at the back windshield of a minivan anyone can get that kind of information.

Even that much can be used against you. Someone could use that to strike up a conversation as a ploy to get closer to you and lull you into dropping your guard slightly.

Criminal: Hey our kids go to the same school, don’t you have 2 girls? (lie… he just got that info off the STICKER)

Person: Oh, your kids go to such and such school too? (Dumb, but innocent assuming question because the criminal established that he at least knows that this person does in fact have 2 girls)

See where this is going?

This kind of thing can happen.

So if you are going to have personal info on your vehicles at least be aware enough to know that ANYONE can use it as “intel” against you or your family.

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About the Author

James Bullock is the head coach for Irondom Performance Systems and Combative Sciences. He's written programs for athletes and non-athletes alike, including numerous world record holders in various sports. Combative Sciences was found in 1999 and is the culmination of decades of martial arts training. 

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