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One of the pillars of Combative Sciences is mixed martial arts training. Whether you want to fight, train for the love of the sport, or just want to physically challenge yourself, mixed martial arts training is a great way to reach your goals. We've been training MMA athletes in the Joplin, MO area for over half a decade with great success!

Coach Bullock's Mixed Martial Arts training is unique and turns fighters into warriors. Every athlete trains like a professional. Below you will find information regarding Bullock's Combative Sciences Mixed Martial Arts training program, from training tips and techniques to the warrior mentality required to not only be a great fighter, but a true warrior.

Warrior Mindset

Being a Warrior in MMA

MMA and Being a Warrior

Many have warped views of MMA, Martial Arts, honor, self-respect and all the positive attributes that encompass being a warrior.


Toughness: Get Used to Taking a BEATING!

Acquiring toughness has a very large personal price tag. The Combat Arts are not for the faint of heart!

Training Drills & Skill Development 

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