Irondom Performance Systems
Performance Based Training

Irondom Performance Systems

Irondom Performance Systems is a performance based training system that can be used to reach any and all goals in training. It is not a single methodology based program, the methods used will always vary to suit the needs of each individual client. There is no singular method to reach a given goal, but many paths available to a number of goals. IPS is an adaptable training philosophy based on training principles that have been proven under the bar and in competition.

Every client is different and is treated as such. We do not categorize our training programs. We do not have pre-made programs based on a person’s goals or chosen sport. All programs are written for the individual with their unique needs and desires taken into account. Cookie cutter training programs may produce initial results, but they do not produce excellence. Team based strength and conditioning programs will give athletes results on a foundational level and only for so long.

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There comes a point where in order to take an athlete or client to another level you must completely individualize the program. There are far too many things to take into consideration to just assign a generalized program. Everything is customized and monitored very closely to ensure progress and results. No matter what your goals may be IPS will get you results. You supply the commitment, effort, and consistency and we will give you the road map.

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