Carrying a Concealed Weapon
A Wake Up Call
by James Bullock

Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Originally posted in The War Room.

Carrying a concealed weapon has become all the rage as of late. Personally, I am all for it, but I am not confident in the quality of instruction to the general population. I am a huge advocate of teaching psychological dynamics of personal protection before delving into physical application. It is all too easy to play lip service to the vital concepts and principles of personal protection, leaving a person unskilled and truly unprepared, yet completely over-confident.

Proper mentality and awareness are integral parts of being prepared for any possible threats to our daily lives. I have said it many times before, but it is important enough to repeat: The prerequisite to avoidance is awareness. In most cases, the simple act of really paying attention will save your life more effectively than anything else. Life, in general, is far easier in all aspects when you pay attention.

Understanding that it is important to avoid conflict is very different than putting it into practice every day. The level of responsibility that it takes to carry a firearm is immense. Many people get the idea that because they now carry a gun, they can be a savior to those around them. WRONG! So very wrong! Carrying a firearm on your person is for use as an absolute last resort. The decision to pull a weapon in any situation carries with it a heavy cost, regardless of the outcome.

It is extremely important to know when NOT to get involved in a situation. Just because you are carrying a weapon doesn’t mean YOU are the answer to danger if it should present itself. Standing in a stationary position during a concealed carry class and squeezing off multiple rounds during the proficiency testing does NOT necessarily mean you can shoot worth a damn while under fire or duress, make critical split second decisions, and shoot on the move. Target shooting is target shooting, and tactical shooting is tactical shooting. Never confuse the two.

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About the Author

James Bullock is the head coach for Irondom Performance Systems and Combative Sciences. He's written programs for athletes and non-athletes alike, including numerous world record holders in various sports. Combative Sciences was found in 1999 and is the culmination of decades of martial arts training. 

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