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We love training. Bottom line.

Our passion for training is what lead us to build this website -- an extension of our local business -- so that we could reach as many people as possible!

What are we training for? A better question is what are you training for?

Fundamentally, our goal is to forge warriors in body and spirit. Whether you're training to be a better MMA fighter, a stronger Highland Games athlete, or you want to learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from evil-doers (athletics aside), we have a solution for you. 

This website is dedicated to providing free training tips and advice. We also offer personalized local or long distant (over the internet) athletic training programs for people from all walks of life, no matter your goal. Furthermore we have a number of combative and martial art programs, including MMA, available at The Forge in Joplin, MO. 

At Warrior Sciences, training is used as a means to discover yourself, what you are capable of, and surpassing your limitations. Below you will find free articles and videos on the following sciences:

  1. Personal protection in both a civilian and combative nature
  2. General fitness, health, and athletic performance development
  3. Sport specific performance training and drills

Articles by Category

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Lifting Index

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Two Systems Makes up Warrior Sciences

Warrior Sciences explores two areas of training for warrior athletes:

1.    Strength and Conditioning

2.  Combatives as it applies to sports or personal protection

Irondom Performance Systems is a strength based training system that uses the most important aspects of Olympic and Powerlifting techniques to help clients of all shapes and sizes meet their strength and athletic goals. Athletic conditioning is achieved through explosive, high intensity training sessions. 

Combative Sciences is a system that explores combat as it applies to personal protection or sport. Each are different, and while combat sports (MMA, Boxing, etc.) are highly technical, personal protection requires a different approach. Those who seek to learn effective personal protection techniques through our system will NOT be learning a form of martial art.



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